Nellie's Diner is the diner located downstairs from the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation.

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The diner is introduced when Betty is giving Libby a tour in Asterion, claiming that she is happy that there is a "greasy spoon" in the building so they don't have to continue with the Chinese take out.

In Story of My Life, Libby and Virginia have a conversation, where Virginia begins to feel guilty of what her affair is doing to Libby.

Virginia and Bill discuss the publication of a rival study in the American Urology Review in Below the Belt, when Libby buys lunch for the people at CORE. That same episode, Lester and Barbara have a friendly discussion.

Season 4 Edit

In Inventory, Virginia eats there before being confronted by Libby again. The two discuss what influence Bill has had on their lives.

In The Pleasure Protocol, Libby is there preparing for her meeting with Herb Spleeb, and it is where she meets Bram Keller. They eat there again in Topeka.

Betty and Helen discuss Helen's parents, and Betty urges her to come out to them in Outliers.

In Night and Day, Virginia and Edna discuss her parents marriage, with her mother revealing that Harry had an affair.

Shortly before he gets married, Bill and Dody have a discussion in the diner in The Eyes of God.

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