The second season of Masters of Sex began airing in the United States on July 13, 2014. The series is the television adaptation of Thomas Maier's biography Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love. It stars Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters and Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson.

The second season takes place between 1957 and 1961.

Plot Edit

Bill can't seem to get a job after the presentation. Virginia's reputation at work is also compromised. After appearing on Virginia's doorsteps at the end of season one, Bill and Virginia start having an affair by meeting at a hotel in a nearby city.

Bill is finally employed by Memorial Hospital, but the boss refuses to hire Virginia. After continued disagreements, Bill quits. Meanwhile, Virginia continues to work for Dr. DePaul and goes with her for Lillian's chemo treatments. Lillian soon dies.

Later, Bill gets a new job at Buell Green's, a "negro hospital". Virginia is able to join him. However, the study proves to be controversial at the hospital, so Bill quits once again.

Meanwhile, Libby hires a nanny for baby Johnny, an African American girl named Coral. Libby is concerned by Coral's boyfriend Robert. After witnessing a hate crime, Libby works with Robert at the CORE headquarters in Bill's new office building. They later have sex and Libby admits she's known her husband has been having an affair for years.

Bill learns that Virginia has been seeing other men. After this, Bill cuts of sexual ties with Virginia. Bill finally opens his own clinic and brings Virginia and Betty with him. Two years later, Bill and Virginia continue their sex work together, but Bill, having been destroyed after learning of Virginia's "unfaithfulness", has become impotent. Bill and Virginia both work together to help resolve Bill's impotency, which later proves to be successful.

A TV crew from CBS wants to air a special on Bill and Virginia's work. Bill reluctantly agrees but is bothered by the censorship of words like "orgasm". After seeing a terrible first cut of the special, Bill secretly tries to get it not to air. Meanwhile, Virginia is working out a new custody agreement with her kids. She will give up custody of her kids and then get it back--as long as the special airs. She later learns that the special will not air as another doctor has published his work on sexuality first.


Picture # No. Title Original Air Date
13 1 Parallax July 13, 2014
The presentation continues to affect the reputations of both Bill and Virginia; Bill is urged to get a new job after being fired from Maternity at the end of season one; Bill and Virginia confront their feelings towards each other.
14 2 Kyrie Eleison July 20, 2014
Bill starts work at a new hospital but is disappointed to hear that Virginia, who is still working with Dr. DePaul at Maternity, can't join him.
15 3 Fight July 27, 2014
A romantic night of role playing at a hotel takes a dark turn when Bill reveals memories from his childhood.
16 4 Dirty Jobs August 3, 2014
Bill continues to try to get Virginia hired at Memorial Hospital, much to the dismay of his bosses; Langham suspects that Virginia and Bill are having an affair.
17 5 Giants August 10, 2014
After being fired from Memorial Hospital, Bill starts work at a black hospital; Betty's former love interest returns; Dr. DePaul confronts Virginia about her affair with Bill.
18 6 Blackbird August 17, 2014
Virginia is left saddened as Dr. DePaul decides to quit her chemotherapy; New restrictions are put on Bill's study; Betty's relationship with Helen is outed.
19 7 Asterion August 24, 2014
Bill cuts sexual ties with Virginia after finding out that she was having relationships with other people, and a surprise visit by his mother, who offers to give him money to pay for his new clinic, doesn't help.
20 8 Mirror, Mirror August 31, 2014
Bill and Virginia, now officially working back together, try to solve a patient's sexual dysfunction; Libby is caught in the middle of a racial dilemma.
21 9 Story of My Life September 7, 2014
Virginia sees a psychiatrist while pretending to be one of their own subjects, and begins to worry about the effect her and Bill's relationship will have on Libby; Bill is bothered by his brother; Libby prepares to testify.
22 10 Below the Belt September 14, 2014
Bill admits his impotence and begs for Virginia's help resolving it; Virginia is intrigued when a man from CBS says he wants to air a special on it; Libby continues working for CORE; Lester and Barbara connect.
23 11 One for the Money, Two for the Show September 21, 2014
A television crew interviews Bill and Virginia, but Bill is repeatedly bothered by the censorship; George wants to take the kids to Europe for several weeks, to Virginia's dismay; Libby and Robert finally confront their feelings.
24 12 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised September 28, 2014
Bill is disappointed to see the final edit of the CBS special; Virginia uses the TV special to work out a new custody arrangement; Libby reveals she knows Bill is having an affair.